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Absolutely No Alcohol Diary

Here is a collection of posts written by the Absolutely no Alcohol creator, Andrew James Crawford, indexing his 6 month challenge journey from start to finish. Either keep up to do date with his journey or use this as an archive of previous posts to help motivate you through your own journey.

17th June

Mid-Month 3/9 - Update Absolutely No Alcohol Challenge The train is still rocking & rolling

24th May

Bank Holiday Weekend is upon us.... another temptation hurdle to overcome...Smash it down and continue

16th May

Mid-Month 2/8 - Update What’s Going On? Everyone’s settled in and heading forward, soon Month

1st May

Update : Month 1 Absolutely No Alcohol 6/12 Month Challenge Still on course as we

19th April

Hello! Let's welcome the 26 of us on this challenge together with a mid-month update!

13th April

Week number 2 of Round 2! ...Has a nice ring to it don't-cha think!? How

5th April

A BIG welcome to all the NEW challengers.. this is your FIRST weekend of many

Round 1 Complete!

Month 6 - Final Absolutely No Alcohol- 6 Month Challenge We SMASHED it.... as I

31st March

So here's a quick update less than 24 hours to go until the end of

26th March

I was LIVE on Facebook with my dear friend Joanne Morrison who was asking me

25th March

Can you actually believe it? ONE WEEK LEFT!! This has been an incredible journey with

23rd March

Here’s an update on our latest members to the challenge! Here’s a message to all

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