Absolutely No Alcohol

The original challenge to better your MINDSET, LIFESTYLE and HEALTH by not touching a single drop of alcohol for exactly 6 months, created by entrepreneur Andrew James Crawford.

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Andrew James Crawford

Andrew Crawford started the 6 month Absolutely No Alcohol Challenge to become a healthier and mentally stronger version of himself. His lifestyle had involved a lot of client meet-ups (or jolly’s some would say!) which not only affected his health but also his ability to motivate himself mentally both on a personal and business level.

Starting the Absolutely No Alcohol Challenge has turned his life around, he is now healthier, lighter and able to focus his mind and spirit to bring the best out in himself.

Together with like-minded people, Andrew and the Absolutely No Alcohol Challenge aims to offer support, inspiration and guidance to all those who are thinking about or already undertaking their alcohol-free journey.

Tools You Will Need To Complete The Challenge

You have ALL 3 of the following tools in abundance. You just need to call upon their assistance and apply them to this challenge.

What are these powerful tools? Beliefs, Goals and Focus.

I refer to them as “Systems’ because you will have them working for you throughout the challenge either together or by themselves…..constantly.

Belief System

You must first believe deep down inside you that this challenge is something that you can ‘smash’ (Win)

When I say win, I mean complete, if you don’t first believe then finishing will not happen.

Also….Watch what you say to yourself and to others because words have power.

If you say to yourself ‘I don’t think I Can do it’ you won’t  complete the challenge.

You have to cancel all doubts in your mind that  this challenge will beat you

I actually listened to what people said. That actually  ‘told’ me those who were going to win from those who would lose. Those who were willing to try  from those that had already given up …….in their mind even before the challenge had started.

Take me for instance, I knew from day 1 that I would smash the challenge…because I believed. I never wavered from that belief. Whenever I was confronted with the invitation of a drink I would say to myself….”..No…I’m in charge, I will tell me when I want a drink..”

So create your own Belief System because everyone’s is different. .Believe in yourself.  Believe your inner strength. Believe that you have already won the challenge.


The point of goals is to aim, shoot and score. You have a goal to complete the challenge by any  means necessary. However you achieve your goals is entirely up to each one of you as we are all individuals ……no 2 routes will the same.

Along with the goal of completely smashing the goal, I had to make smaller goals. It ranged from daily, weekly to monthly. The daily ones were around the festive period where I was invited to all the soirées. Iced water with sliced lemon was my drink of choice. Did I weaken at any point? Yes siree….!!  

How did I cope?

I had to focus and call upon one or more of the other ‘systems’ I had freely available. You will need to do the same.

So….Set your Big Goal. Set your Goal again. Further set smaller Goals within those goals. Scoring at each point will fuel your motivation to score at the next point.

With the foundation of your Belief, the setting of your Goals what else do you need?


The last component you should have is total focus. If you don’t have this you will be easily swayed and knocked off the path of the challenge.

When temptation taps you on the shoulder…Focus

When you feel weak …..Focus

When you feel you’re going to give up…..Focus.

 Belief powers your Goals. Goals fuel your Focus. Focus strengthens your Belief. The system work automatically, systematically synergistically.

By the way, your Focus needs to be laser beamed.

Benefits of the Absolutely No Alcohol Challenge

Taking a break from drinking alcohol can have many health benefits which include



This is one of the very last things people usually think about when undertaking our six month challenge but the psychological benefits of not drinking alcohol are plentiful. When you think about how big of a factor drinking alcohol is in our modern, hectic lives you quickly realise the amount we actually drink! In 2017 a study showed that 57% of adults in Great Britain said they drank alcohol at least once per week. Therefore making the decision to completely stop your intake of alcohol isn’t purely a health factor, it is a huge mindset factor as well. Once you are into the challenge by a couple of months you’ll quickly realise how many times you would have had to refuse alcohol and you suddenly realise…hey…”if I can do this I can do anything!” Each refusal strengthens your Mindset. It really is astounding how much of a mental ‘push’ this challenge gives you in regards to realising that stopping alcohol for 6 months is a very big deal and it will honestly open the doors for you to realise you can achieve anything, overcome any obstacle, complete any challenge.  Mindset is EVERYTHING.

General Health


We all know that alcohol is bad for our livers. When you consume alcohol, the liver breaks it down and releases toxins around the body called’ acetaldehyde’ which dry out the skin and dehydrate the body tissues. Drinking can also cause inflammation to the liver itself which can lead to serious organ damage and liver disease. Taking a break from alcohol can help the liver heal and regenerate.

Better Sleep


A recent study called Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental has found that drinking alcohol before bed time can increase alpha wave patterns in the brain which disrupts natural sleep patterns. With no alcohol you receive a more sound sleep, the byproduct being that better sleep improves mood, concentration and mental performance.

Lose Weight


This is a biggie! Alcohol has a sneaky way of piling on the calories without you realising it. For example, one margarita can contain over 300 calories or more – and all of which are mainly sugar! If you cut alcohol out of your diet completely (and don’t replace with desserts or donuts!) then over time you will notice weight loss.

Clearer Skin


After a few days of cutting out the alcohol you will notice significant changes in your skin which will look and feel more hydrated. This is because alcohol decreases the body’s production of an antidiuretic hormone, which helps the body reabsorb water. This in turn causes you to urinate more and the dehydration from that can cause redness in your cheeks and nose area.

More Money


Non-drinkers are happier, healthier and… wealthier. Whatever your favourite drink is, we all know it can be pricey – especially if you have a fine wine, champagne or scotch habit! If you take a moment to look at your average weekly or monthly alcohol spend (for both in the home and out on the town) then it may deem to be an eye opening and motivating exercise for you.